Ever wondered what it’s like working at STYLIGHT?

Let us show you! We took some snapshots this morning at the office 🙂 Unfortunately instagram doesn’t offer an API to process images, so we just created an account. Follow us if you fancy that. Let’s start:

Our typical workplace has:


  • A Macbook with OSX or a workstation running either Linux or Windows
  • Two 24″ screens. We’re experimenting with going to three right now. One for the website, one for the editor and one for logs.
  • 12-16GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  • Developer VM. We run our code in VMs which get (nearly) the same config as our production machines using puppet
  • Headphones. Although our office is nice and quite, we all enjoy listening to music every once in a while. We even have our own remixes.



Sometimes we mix in some treats:

work2   work1

work4   work3

That’ a pretty huge coffee count, to be precise: 8525 coffees, and that’s counting since three months ago when we moved into our new office. Before Christmas we had been really busy releasing our latest product feature – the boards – so setting up the office lagged a little behind, but now we’re catching up fast.

Our latest installation

…are swings which are an awesome opportunity to take a 5 minutes break.

That’s because it’s located in an old printing factory. But it’s right in the city center, just 50 m from the subway station “Mailingerstrasse” (two stops off central station).

Lunch Time is the best time

If you zoom right in, you see we are surrounded by small food places and eateries. We usually fan out to our favorite places (we like the Leibspeis a lot, but also the burgers at Hans im Glück, the Vietnamese restaurant Pho or the little Italien place Grasso, with its delicious Tris di Pasta) and then gather in the atrium to have lunch together:

Aren’t those all great reasons to pay us a visit?

Just come by for a coffee or stay longer – we’re hiring! Also, our next company event is around the corner, follow us on twitter to get the exact location and date. Here is an impression of the last STYLIGHT party


Founded in 2008, Stylight is the leading online platform for the fashion and lifestyle industry worldwide. .

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